Router to use?

Hi, I have built up a single channel WeMos Lora Gateway while I am waiting for all the pieces of the official gateway to arrive.

Publishing “hello world” data with a Uno/Dragino shield, I can see that my test data appears in the GATEWAY TRAFFIC list at the Freq and SF each time I send it. But I can not get any data to come through as part of an APPLICATION. Is this still a limitation when using a single channel gateway?

Further testing I did, because I thought maybe the problem is the Router I am using, is that I can not ping all the Routers: Request time out y - working y - working Request time out Request time out Request time out Request time out

Anybody else that had similar experiences?

TTN load balancers don’t give an answer when you 'ping them.

Aha, good to know.

From reading discussions on the forum I understand that the meshed handler are managed by a local console.

So, being in NZ, which is the best Router to use? or

I could not figure out what the advantages/disadvantages would be to use meshed one if they are doing something specific over there.