Rpi Gateway Not Working

My RAK 2245 PI HAT based gateway is not showing up on the network(it says last seen three days), i worked on it on friday and just reconfigured the image file of RAK2245 to be sure, but it still shows last three days ago.


Please any suggestions?

Check the gateway log file.

I have checked the log file and there is no logs after 11
please go through it once
what can be the problem?

  1. Why post a screen shot and not (properly quoted) text?
  2. How am I supposed to know how many seconds/minutes/hours ago the time stamps in your log are generated? I don’t know your time zone or when you captured the screen shot.
  3. Restart the packet forwarder and show log from the start, this snapshot contains not enough information.

And you can of course try to debug the issue yourself by reading the logging. Don’t expect us to invest our time when you just post screenshots and don’t tell us what you investigated yourself.

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Sorry for the mistake i made, The gateway was running but it was just not showing on TTN console as connected.
I say the gateway was running because when my End Node sent the data it was received by both the gateways that i have, i saw this in the application console of TTN.

The final post yesterday was of around 3 pm Indian Time and the logs were of 11 am Indian Time, I restarted the packet forwarder again today and I saw the gateway as connected on TTN.

I am sorry that i didnt put enough information, this wont happen again

Keep in mind logging on the RPi might well be using UTC and not Indian Time.

For you that information is a given and you need to think about what other people might not know about your circumstances. That is hard and it is easy to make mistakes so don’t worry, you are not the first and won’t be the last. Happened to me as well and will surely happen again.

The status of a gateway in the TTN console is relatively meaningless (especially the absence of any node traffic it is likely to be misleading); that you saw traffic from a device reported through the gateway is what mattered.

Note that your log from the gateway itself shows protocol acks being received, this means that the gateway is in fact in communication with the first level of the TTN server infrastructure.

Ok Thank you for this sir

Ok thank you for the heads-up