RYLR896 a at commands transceiver

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Hello there does anybody know this module and how to operate it with ttn ?

It works with at commands to program it correctly but than i am lost no clue


No… you can’t use this module on the TTN network.
It has an UART /lora interface so you have to connect it to an MCU (arduino?) and feed it AT instructions.
It then can communicate with another module… so LoRa to LoRa imho

I suggest this module …

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thx for the reply I will look at your suggestion


the advantage is that there are many examples and libraries available

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Any idea where to buy these they seem out of stock everywhere and are going to end of live
I live in the netherlands


yes they are out of stock everywhere… but you can buy a complete ‘arduino’ like module with 'onboard rn2483A
you can then easy program these with arduino IDE

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I just have 10 modules in Custom an should better deny the receive of them.
The moules have FCC and we need CE conformity, That means a quarter transmitting energy. (FCC = 100mw, ce=25mw).
Icould reduce the transmitters energy but then I need a new certification.

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Hi BoRRoZ, Hi all,
could you explain why ?
I can not find - in AT commands - the ability to configure “Inverted IQ” : would this be the reason for the impossibility of using it on TTN?
(it’s a real question I’m a newbie !)


it has modem firmware installed so you only can send/receive data to and from an equal module through uart imho.
but I haven’t seen all documentation (only available after ordering)

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Thanks for this return.
this module will remain mysterious for me then: I will focus on the sx1276 then … :wink:


also known as RFM95 :sunglasses: