SAMR34 and LoRaWan configuration

Hello everybody,

I’m having some troubles with LoRa network for SAMR34. At the moment, I need to configure some specifics parameters on SAMR34 The server is configured in AU915, and it uses the first 8 channels from 915.2 MHz with 200KHz of bandwidth to UPLINK and the lasts 8 channels from 923,3 MHz with 500 KHz of bandwidth to DOWNLINKS, furthermore, it uses RX1 and RX2 with 1s and 2s respectively. I don’t found where can I select these parameters in no one place in the example code and also don’t find documentation saying how can we change these parameters.

I’m using the Atmel example PROVISIONING of LORAWAN MOTE APPLICATION, the activation mode is ABP and I have success sending uplinks, but downlinks and receive confirmations still not working, I think it occurs because the channels are not configured correctly. If someone could help me I’ll be very thankful

The server?

Do you mean gateway or are you running your own LoRaWAN server?

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@descartes I’m using the ATC (American Tower) lorawan network, they available lorawan coverage here.

You’ll have to seek support from them and on the Microchip forum - we only do LoRaWAN on TTN here.

@descartes Thank you, but maybe have somebody here that maked the configuration I need, and probably works in every plataform, independent it’s TTN or another. Regards

What gateway are you using?

Besides the ATC Network, I have the RAK7852.

Do you mean RAK7258?

The Rx1 timing is set on the Network server which would be off-topic for here.

You probably want to be looking for an Rx1 delay type variable in the code base.

Yes! Do you know where can I change these parameters in the SAMR34 example (Providing LoRaWAN Mote Application)?