SAMR34 - Microchip vs Semtech Stack

Is anyone successfully using the SAMR34 modules? How is development and support with the Microchip Lorawan Stack (MLS) and ASF libraries? I am considering tinkering via the R34-XPRO dev board but would like to know a bit more about the software compatibility and support first.

I currently have modules running the Semtech LoraMac-Node stack on the ST NucleoL073RZ boards with SX1262 shields. The Semtech stack already supports Microchip’s SAML21 platform via the L21-XPRO and SX1276 wing board. Will the R34 run the Semtech stack as well? It looks like the Semtech L21 implementation uses the older L21 libraries. Are these compatible with the newer R34 modules or is Atmel Studio 7 / ASF libraries required for development on the R34? If ASF libraries are required, could they be ported to the Semtech stack relatively quickly and easily?

So far I have seen a few posts expressing concern with the Microchip stack and ASF libraries, while others claim the Microchip stack is more robust than the Semtech stack. From the little I have been able to find so far, I worry about the community/distributor support with the Microchip stack and ASF libraries in comparison to Semtech and STM libraries. Any additional information comparing these two modules / stacks would be greatly appreciated!

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