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Thank you very much for such a wonderful community on LoRa Protocol. I am looking for a solution of hardware for my project. Here is what my requirements.

  1. We have a Electronic meter which can accept certain commands to send and receive data (TX and RX)
  2. We have a software designed in our mobile application which we want to send these commands to the Electronic meter in real time and get the data. Example if we want to start the meter, we execute the command in our mobile app, the electronic meter should turn on, and so forth.
  3. We are looking for a gateway which can connect using RS232 port to the electronic register and remotely with connect to our mobile application, so we can send commands on mobile app, and gateway can send data to electronic meter and get response and pass on to the mobile app.
  4. We need bandwidth to match North American Standard
  5. Operating temp suitable to North American minus degree temp.

Please suggest best product using LoRa protocol and availability in North America. Appreciate any help
Chandra Swargam

  1. Please use the right category next time and choose an appropriate topic. Discussions regarding the LoRaWAN specification are totally different to your product search.
  2. Please study the LoRaWAN specification and then explain why you need a gateway with rs232 interface and where that gateway is positioned in the LoRaWAN ecosysteem.

You can presumably use an off the shelf device like this one - you would want the USR-LG206-H-C version for North America. I haven’t looked at its capabilities specifically, but it’s one of many similar devices google will happily find for you. Easy to purchase in Australia, and so probably in the US too.

I assume that by ‘gateway’ (and in response to @kersing 's question #2) you mean a gateway between the domains of RS232 and LoRa(WAN), not a gateway in the LoRaWAN sense.

Although the FCC doesn’t impose any duty cycle limits, be aware that TTN limits you to 10 downlink messages per day (i.e. 10 commands sent to your electronic meter), and ideally you would use even fewer. This may be acceptable depending on your application - perhaps you need only one or two meter readings per day, or perhaps you plan to start and stop the meter infrequently, and automatically send meter readings (for example) every hour.

If you need to send commands to your meter more often, then perhaps TTN (and indeed LoRaWAN) is not the right technology. If you have ample power available at the meter node, then NB-IoT (if available) or just cellular in general might be a better fit. Google ‘cellular RS232’ for hundreds of available devices.

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