Security issue?

I have a really strange issue. I have not used my TTN console for a few months, but decided to pick things up again today. I logged in, and to my suprise there was an application I didn’t recognise. called ‘fa-leakprevention’. The description was ‘FirstAware predicts and detects water leaks by monitoring and learning from any deployed IoT sensor.’. I had absolutely no idea what this was, so I tried googeling ‘FirstAware’ and found that it referred to a company who’s CEO was called ‘David Long’ - and that is my own name !. Of course my name is not unique, but how does this application get to be in my console ? any ideas?

A very unusual security leak for sure.

if this is a security issue… please contact TTI before posting on the forum.

Someone shared an application with the wrong user. Not a security issue, just a user error.
Receiving users do not need to accept shared resources, that may be considered an issue if you’re nit picking.