Seeed wio e5 mini failing registration

Hello and good day you all :slight_smile:

I have a interesting problem with the Seeed wio e5 mini board.

While using the factory firmware everything was working fine like it is mentioned in the wiki
(see part one of this wiki Wio-E5 mini | Seeed Studio Wiki).

Then on the other day suddenly it did not connect any more by the very same approach.

I still don´t know why, but never the less I startet with part 2 of the wiki using the stm32cube IDE and the exact login data as before.

But it is not working in any way. All available tutorials or blogs do manage to solve the problem but I tried them all with no success.

Here is a prompt via console here you see only one out of 3 frequencies.

Is it possible that the DR is set wrong?

Any help is apprechiated .

Thanks Dom


120s041:temp= 26
120s041:VDDA= 254
120s045:TX on freq 868300000 Hz at DR 0
121s532:MAC txDone
126s566:RX_1 on freq 868300000 Hz at DR 0
126s764:MAC rxTimeOut
127s566:RX_2 on freq 869525000 Hz at DR 0
127s764:MAC rxTimeOut

It looks like as you progressed into the wiki article you came across the instructions to flash the .hex file onto the e5-dev board. This erases the bin file that comes from the wio-e5 factory, so the AT commands will no longer work. The flashed .hex file you put on is trying to connect on the default EU869 signal to a gateway and fails to join.

I do not know how to get much further beyond this, but for anyone else that comes across this thread. This is what’s going on.

Erm, hi, welcome and where is this hex file?

The OP says they used the code from GitHub, set the keys and flashed the device, so they weren’t expecting the AT commands to be in place.

Plenty of advice on the forum about not hearing the join accept which would be the first thing to investigate based on the log.

Hi everyone,

I somehow managed to solve the problem. And there is no explanation for that. It suddenly started to work. I did not change anything. I have the strange feeling that maybe the gateway might have had some issues, although it said “connected” all the time. So I don’t know why it is working now but this topic is closed. Thanks to everyone.

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