Select the right Gateway product


I’m new and would like to start and provide a gateway in my area. (I’m thinking to use it for home automation and GPS tracking in second time)

I can deploy an antenna + outdoor gateway near my house. I’m IT engineer so linux / raspberry is not a problem for me. If the product is opensource, it will be perfect :slightly_frowning_face:

thanks in advance for your guidance and I continue to search :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome! What country do you live in? Different countries operate LoRa on different frequencies.

then use search on this forum to start with … there’s a lot of info.

build it yourself or buy a complete set … budget ?

I’m located near Paris :slight_smile:

I really appreciate up to date information and advice to start this new adventure :slight_smile:

I track information since years and now it’s time for me to jump on !

hi, really appreciate your comment :slight_smile: usefull :laughing:

GPS tracking might not work as you wish with TTN.

The fair access policy limits you to 30 seconds of air time per day, so if the thing you are tracking is at a long distance and the node goes to long distance mode (Spreading Factor 12) your limited to around 23 packets or transmissions per day …

If the thing you are tracking is in close, then you can use shorter range and less air time packets (Spreading Factor 7) and can have around 500 packets per day.

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yes I know… we like new users to make some effort first… this is not Google

ah thanks for your comment ! really appreciate :slight_smile: