Semtech SX1280Z3DSFGW1 gateway

I am trying to add the semtech SX1280Z3DSFGW1 raspberry pi based gateway to ttn . I have registered but the status shows disconnected.
It is 2.4GHz gateway.
Can you please help

The SX1280Z3DSFGW1 is a 3 channel 2.4GHz gateway. afaik this kind of gateway is supported neither by TTN V2 nor by TTN V3 (TTS CE) yet. But I am not sure.
On the other hand, you can find this frequencies here already: GitHub - TheThingsNetwork/lorawan-frequency-plans: LoRaWAN Frequency Plans for The Things Stack

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There was a discussion about this back in March;

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I didn’t recognize until now that the 2.4 GHz band is already supported by TTS CE. Learning more and more each day.
It might be interesting how LoRaWAN behaves on 2.4 GHz.

Well apart from providing a ‘Worldwide’ service, unless the fair use policy is considerably extended for TTN use on 2.4Ghz, I dont see any advantage in using 2.4Ghz.

Surely with the much higher data rates 2G4 gives you, so much more data can be transmitted in the same ‘seconds per hour’ allowance therefore the advantage is a larger data transmission potential within the restrictions. But then, I’m just a dum ass ex pitman.

Your might be confusing the legal duty cycle limits with the amount of data that TTN is prepared to move for free.

There are little to no legal duty cycle restrictions on 2.4Ghz ISM bands so the ‘seconds per hour’ legal restictions at UHF (1% or 36 seconds transmit time per hour) do not apply at 2.4Ghz.

However, someone has to pay for the backend infrastructure to get the data from the Gateways to the Internet application servers. TTN, under its fair use policy, provide free acces to the backend at UHF on the basis of 30 seconds of TX air time per day which is not a lot of data for either UHF or 2.4Ghz.

To get the benefit of the potential for high speed data transmission that 2.4Ghz could provide on TTN someone would need to provide substantially more backend communications for free.

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