Send a downlink message to the end node via RPI MQTT Broker not TTN odre other LORA SERVER

Hello everyone,

My application on TTN is working fine, I can send uplink and downlink with my Dragino LG308 gateway to my LS01 and LHT65 end nodes.

But now I have built my MQTT Broker server on Raspberry Pi and my end node can send the uplink into my Raspberry Broker very well.

My problem is that I can’t send a downlink to my end node.

What data format should I use to send a downlink to my end node?

I’m not using TTN and instead I’m using a MQTT broker on the RPi. I have sent the “0xA601” function to it encoded as base64 but I get no response from the LG308 . In the LG308 log I get INFO~ [DNLK]Format error: when i try to sent some payload like pgE=

The topic on the LG308 that its subscribed to is also CLIENTID/# would this be correct?
the LG308 does appear to be receiving the instruction from mqtt but will not broadcast to LORA radios.

Any help is much appreciated,


Then maybe you should use the support channel for the software you are using. This forum is for TTN.

thank you for replay

i´m using mosquitto broker that i install on my Raspberry pi.

the question I would like to know is what payload format to use to send a downlink to my node with my MQTT Broker on RPI3.

Is your mqtt broker talking to TTN?

nop I configure the Gateway with my own Server IP Adresse from company.


If you are not using TTN the question is not for this forum. This forum is about TTN. Not other LoRaWAN solutions that are proprietary.