Send data from a sensor far away to a gateway out of range

Hello, I started in this world of IOT and I have learned that LoRaWAN has this physical configuration.
But what happen if I have a sensor too away of a gateway, how I could send the data of that sensor to one server, my question is, is possible to implement physicaly a network with the next configuration?
and if the answer is yes, how do you achieve it? and if the answer is no, how do you solve the distance problem?, the gateways can be treateated as nodes by another gateways?
thanks the answers.

imho you are thinking of some kind of repeater or transponder for the nodes. This problem has already been discussed here - in the moment it doesn’t seem to be possible.
If the nodes are too far away, the solution can be to use gateways with LTE or even satelite connection to the internet.

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You dont, with LoRaWAN.

Gateways forward data to Servers via their Internet connections, no need to send data to other Gateways.

LoRaWAN was never conceived as a mesh system and a means of providing global connectivity between nodes and individual Gateways.

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You do! - @fkr135 Go have a chat with friends of TTN/TTI Lacuna Space - Thomas Telkamp and team, that is the very problem they were set up to deal with, remote/distant nodes or nodes where a classic GW cant get a backhaul connection even if it can get power (solar/wind etc.). Repeater nodes have been discussed for a long time and dont seem to getting much spec traction or real world solutions yet so this is best option.

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@Jeff-UK, I’m enjoying the irony that your contradiction refers to a LoRaWAN via satellite system, one that’s only just getting operational and is not going to be very wallet friendly, to the only person on this forum who has actually built a satellite and had it deployed.

For @fkr135, if you have the sort of deep pockets that allow you to move packets occasionally via a satellite system, then do feel free to make enquiries of Lacuna. If you need something affordable & soon, then look at putting gateways on mobile internet or high up.

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I was replying in the context of the question the user actually asked, as in solving the distance problem by having LoRaWAN move stuff around Gateways.

I am fully aware of what Thomas has been up to, although the last discussion I had with him on the topic was at Reading TTN.

I was able to supply Thomas with some real World data on the suceptibility of COTS components to radiation events, as our satellite did have a bit flip check running on an area of RAM. Two events in the 20 months in orbit recorded.

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For those that misunderstand marketing speak, on the Lacuana website:

An ultra-low cost tracking and sensor detection service for small amounts of data

is in the context of satellite comms (if you have to ask, you can’t afford it) and small really means small and only when one of the satellites is overhead, not just when you fancy.

I think it’s brilliant and going to have all sorts of benefits as a solution to solve the right problem. But not terrestrial gateway range for the majority of us.

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