Send interval SF12

Hi everyone,

i need to track measurements for validate a LoRaWAN-Coverage Simulation. Im doing that with and a LoRa/GPS Shield as sending Node.


It worked pretty well for validating my Simulation with SF7. But now i have to validate the results for SF12 coverage. The problem is, that my nodes sending interval is too high (3 min) to track and check some areas sufficient.

I know that this high sending-interval results of the airtime regulations of LoRaWAN.
Is there a possibility to bypass this regulation temporarely?

I think TTN mapper is just geared to SF7, I say that but I have tested at length with SF9 - just keep this in mind re what data it retains to non SF7

No, that is because these are legal limitations. Once you bypass them your device is no longer legally allowed to operate.

There are two issues here, easy to confuse.

There is a legal requirement to keep within 1% duty cycle, it seems to be assumed thats on an hourly basis.

Then there is the TTN fair access limit on what you can use for free, thats 30 seconds of air time per day.