Sending "cooked" JSON data to AllThingsTalk

I am using a Tektelic sensor that send binary data to TTN, and then on to AllThingsTalk. I have a Javascript program (in the “decoder” tab) that parses the raw data and makes it available as a JSON object, and the TTN stuff parses that JSON just fine.

However, when I send that data on to AllThingsTalk, TTN sends the binary data rather than the JSON object. I have played around with the “converter” tab, but it does not seem to have any impact on the data sent to AllThings talk. Am I missing a dialog box somewhere?

Thanks in advance
Bill VerSteeg

Hi Bill,

maybe you will find the answer here
By default ATT does not use JSON as payload format in their applications. I quote from that page:

One of the payload formats Maker understands is CBOR. The message format which AllThingsTalk uses for CBOR is {"<asset name>": <value>} .

On the other hand, here you can find more info about their data formats and here about how to use their LorawanKit.

Let us know if you can sort it out.