SenseBox Uplink Problem


By the Time I changed my SenseBox Application to V3 Cluster it does not work properly anymore.
First of all, I tried to reconnect my SenseBox with the Updated Gateway for V3 with all the same Settings (OTAA) and it took half and hour of resets, before the first Uplink came up.
Therefore I tried to use ABP, hoping that would fix my Problem, but that only slightly worked out. So for now, what it does:

  • No Reset problems
  • I receive 3 Uplinks after each other (all in a time range of 5 Minutes)
  • after those 3 Uplinks in an Intervall of 30 Minutes nothing happens on the Device side
  • staring and waiting for the Live Data Tracker of the Gateway: the associated Device ID shows up with an Uplink, but for the “Drop uplink message” I receive: “Host ‘cluster’ failed to handle message: Device not found” (but it does just not all the time)

I am very confused and don’t know what to do.
If you need any more Information please tell me.

Kind regards, David

I have the impression (I AM NOT SURE) that they “silence” devices that don’t respond to the Mac commands.

Or there is simply a bug. In my case I issue a reset command on via CLI and the device re-appears.

If I remember correctly
‘ttn-lw-cli d reset APP DEV’

I have this problem on V3, not in V2.

I try to work with MCCI LMIC to eval more seriously the situation. I am not ready yet.