SenseCAP M1 Gateway to TTN

I’m currently trying to use SenseCAP M1 as a gateway for TTN. Is it possible to do so? If yes, then how can I find my gateway’s credentials (Gateway EUI) needed to register my gateway to TTN?

Have toy looked at the label on the Gateway?

And a convent search on here

I have checked the label, but it doesn’t contain any information about EUI, this gateway is a bit different from the SenseCAP LoRaWAN gateways.

That is a Helium gateway. It might be possible, however Helium gateway software and updates are managed by the gateway manufacturer so even if you succeed in adapting it now it might revert to helium at any point in the future if you are not careful.
I don’t expect there are many users with experience performing this operation as Helium gateways are more expensive then generic LoRaWAN gateways and most users want to keep mining to recoup their investment or even make some money. (Unlikely with current $HNT values)

There was one topic on this recently. TL:DR: It’s a Raspberry Pi with a concentrator card on it, take out the SD Card, find a new one, flash it with Raspberry OS and try a standard Packet Forwarder install.

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Many Helium hotspots can be used for any LoRaWAN network as long as it is using a RaspberryPi. Many of them use a RAK concentrator from which details are unavailable.

Nebra has made firmware for many of these hotspots using Balena Openfleet. The source is accessible so you can reverse engineer various hardware settings of a hotspot.

Hotspots using rockchip, are a different story.