Sensecap S2101 Air Temperature & Humidity Sensor setup

I had an Sensecap S2010 Air Temperature & Humidity Sensor setup over at Chirpstack and I’m trying to get it setup over here. I am pretty sure I got all the device information purged from the previous site but, no data is coming in from the sensor on site. Any hints on how to trouble shoot this device and try to get it collecting data on app?

Have you reset the device? And is there a gateway within RF range that forwards data to your instance?

Yes, device has been reset. I used the SenseCap phone app to reset the sensor’s info. I entered al the info on thethings.industies app.

I cropped the EUI from the up loaded image

And, there is a “Helium” hotspot about 15 feet away

Helium is a different LoRaWAN network which is not connected to TTN.

You need to have / be near a gateway on TTN.

thanks. I shall delete my things account and move on.

There is literally a choice, when setting up the sensor on the Senscap phone app, to choose TheThings Network. But, I now see that you still need the correct hotspot. It’s all good.