Sentrius RG186 to RG191 Conversion?

The RG1xx gateway uses a neat little M2 card for the Lora hardware - and these are available in 868 and 915 band versions - so theoretically it should be possible to convert the RG186 to a RG191.

I’ve swapped the M2 modules but it looks like we need to change a setting somewhere - I assume via the debug serial port. Has anyone attempted this? I’ve put a support ticket into Laird but I’m not holding my breath. Failing that, a steer on how to log in via the serial port would really help me, and I’ll have a poke around.

Why would anyone want to do this? - We need to occasionally check some US stuff going out the door, and I can’t find the RG191 in stock with any of our distributors. Besides I’m a Yorkshireman…

(I’ve started new topic because the other RG1xx posts are from a few years ago )

Bolton calling, get a 915MHz TTIG from RS …

And then wrap everying in a faraday cage to stay legal! And if cage small such that GW & D.U.T in close proxiity use a dummy load to avoid overloading front ends :wink:

Thanks for the pointer - I’d missed this one. Should be here tomorrow.
… That’s the problem with RS nowadays, searching for stuff is a lengthy and sometimes futile exercise.

Not much RF escapes from our basement into the outside world… :wink:

You southerns are a kinky lot.