Serve more than one Thingspeak integration at the same time

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I saw it’s possible to made more as one integration of Thingspeak. In my case, I have to serve three differnt Thinkspeak channels. But how do I differentiate between several Thingspeak integration’s in the decoder? Or in other words, how it’s possible - or is it possible - to send received bytes to different Thingspeak integration’s?

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If you are trying to write different data to different channels, you should probably use multiple applications in your TTN account. then you can use a different decoder.

If you are just copying the same data to three channels, you could also set up an analysis in ThingSpeak that copies the data, and trigger it with timeControl or React. If you are copying with based on the data source, you can build the conditional into the MATLAB analysis that copies the code.

If you have a free field open, you could write differentiating information there.
For example
field1=temperature data
field2=moisture data
field3=“this post came from sensor1”

The integration can tell the difference between channels by the channel ID and authentication key you provide, not by the input data.


Thank you for your replay. ;o)

Is it possible to register the same device on different applications? I never tried. But it would be a nice thing… ;o)

I have 22 different values. Therefore I have 3 different Thingspeak channels (because - you wrote - every channel has “only” 8 possibility values.

Therefore it would be nice to have the possibility to transfer the incoming (different and asynchronous) payload to different Thingspeak channels (maybe with the/a identifier).

At the moment I have solved my “problem” with node-red. But for the further a solution with the TTN-decoder will be better.

Can I register the same device without a new LoRaWAN join request?

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No. A node can only be active within one application at any time. Strictly speaking you can register the same deveui within multiple applications, but those applications can not share the same application EUI and application app key for a node.

THX for this information. That’s what I figured. Regards

Sorry If I led you astray, Andre.
Is it possible to have two separate connect routines on your device? Each routine could use a different application EUI and app key? I am informed on the ThingSpeak side, but not as much on TTN.

While it is not the recommended workflow, you could also compact the data for 22 values into 8 fields and then extract it using MATLAB analysis.

Hi. No problem. Theoretically it would be possible to work with different EUI and APP KEY, but such procedure needs for every new EUI/APP KEY a new join request. This would be making the coding unnecessary complicated… :exploding_head: :wink:
How I wrote it, I solved my “problem” with node-red. And I made the decision this to solve also so in the future. :innocent:
THX and greetings