Setting up standalone gateway WAPS-232N_LN

Hi Everybody, I am a new researcher. I have The Things Outdoor Gateway WAPS-232_LW. Could you please guide me how can I get start to make standalone LORA gateway? Please

If you do your research you will learn a lorawan gateway needs a lorawan network server to work. Can you install/configure a lorawan network server on your gateway?

I am a new researcher, So could you please guide me? My aim is to capture LORA signal and sniff it using SDR and use this signal to do channel modelling.

Scroll to the top of the page and click on the learn section and start reading and watching. That should get you basic knowledge about the elements involved in a working lorawan network.

Once you know about what makes a lorawan solution you can explain why you need a private network and maybe someone in the community will tell you how to do so even though you won’t be contributing to the community.

BTW being a researcher does imply (to me at least) that you do the research. Not get things handed on a plate and not knowing why or how it magically works.

I am trying to login to the gateway using ip addrees with admin admin username password. It is not letting me in. How can I factory reset it?

As you are trying to setup a standalone aka not TTN gateway and this is a forum for TTN, please can you answer Jac’s question regarding your need for a private gateway.

And why the docs don’t answer what is typically in a FAQ

I want to sniff lora signal and transmit it using SDR as a channel modelling. I am trying to connect the outdoor gateway on things network now. but I am unable to login into ODU GUI interface.