Shall we have a UK TTN gathering this year?

Hello Julian,

I am a founder member at TTN Reading and initiator for Wokingham. I know Andrew Back well through OSHUG and will be helping at WB.

I am (and have been several years previously) booked for OSHCAMP on Sat 2nd and planned for the same workshops on the Sun (3rd). However I am assuming the TTN workshop on Sunday is separate from OSHCAMP (at the Birchcliffe centre) and I would be pleased to help with your TTN one instead.

I will be contributing to the GDoc shortly.

-Regs, Mike

Great stuff Mike.

Am I right in saying this is confirmed as happening?

A two day event, first day building a project, second day is a general discussion about TTN/LoRaWAN?

I would be interesting in going.
One of my interests/concerns is the legality of running gateways in the UK ([see this thread]
(UK Legal requirements for equipment) ), would it be likely that someone well versed in this aspect would be attending?

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I’m sure that it could be discussed.

The events are now live.

Thanks for everyones input.

For people who are interested in helping out we’ll arrange a hangout or similar over the next couple of weeks

There is a bit of detail to be added to both days and at the moment there is a charge for each event to cover costs. If we get sponsorship then these might change.

Build and deploy workshop - 3rd September 2017:

Things Happening - 4th September 2017:

We now have some sponsorship for the Things Happening event so it is now free. More details to come.

More details regarding the Things Network events at this year’s Wuthering Bytes.

We are delighted that @wienkegiezeman will be joining us for the Things Happening symposium this September hosted by ThingsNorth.

The programme will be a mixture of talks, show and tell, and discussions regarding developments and opportunities with Things Network.

If you have a TTN project that you want to talk about or want a table to demonstrate stuff please let me know - there will be 5 or 6 tables available.

We will also be running a proportion of the event as an unconference so people will get to propose topics such as security, back-end systems, gateways and more.

We are looking for people to help facilitate discussions so please let us know if you want to be involved.

Because the event is being sponsored by Microchip, Thoughtworks, ODI Leeds, AP:Open and The the event will be free.

Register here:

More details to follow.


what has take up been like for the event?

I’ve just found this thread and would love to attend but anything between March - October is no good for me due to the business I am in.

Do you think there will be any chance of a winter event in the future?

Hi @mattltm - sorry you can’t make 4th Sept, you’ll be missing out on a lot of fun!

This is the first uk-wide gathering so we will listen and learn before planning the next one. Timing of it will depend very much on who is organising it and what venues are available. So there’s one obvious way of ensuring it happens at a time that suits you… :wink:


Hi @jezd,
Sorry I have not responded sooner. Have been away for the past two weeks. There has been pretty good take up with 60 attending so far. The Build and Deploy day has been oversubscribed and we are looking at ways that we can increase capacity.

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Some say it’s UK, other say it’s Northern. Which is it?

It is UK but organised in the North with the help from our friends in the South. :slight_smile:

Hey all,

Really sorry to say that I won’t be able to make it due to work commitments.

Have a great time, and hopefully I’ll be able to help with the next one!