Shall we have a UK TTN gathering this year?

It feels like there are enough of us to have a UK-wide TTN get together. Are you interested?
Please show your enthusiasm (or not!) by answering this very short survey.

The survey results can be found here.

Many thanks, Mark


Love it! Would be really interested :slight_smile:

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We are looking at organising a TTN day as part of Wuthering Bytes in Hebden Bridge in September. Would be great to get everyone involved

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Fab - Wuthering Bytes could be a great contender!

I’ll put the results of the survey up this time next week (or earlier if I get bored!)

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A brilliant idea, thanks @mark-stanley :slight_smile:

Based in South Wales, I suspect I’ll have to travel regardless of what happens (it’s usually the case! :wink: ), however given enough notice that wouldn’t be an issue at all.

I’d also be happy to talk about various aspects of getting started with TTN when using your own gateways etc. as opposed to the Kickstart one if that’s of interest?

I wouldn’t mind a trip to the Gower or Tenby as long as the weather is ok and I can squeeze in a bit of surfing :slight_smile:


Not a bad idea that, unfortunately I’m based in Monmouth so closest train station/city to me is Newport… :frowning:

Well if it isn’t the UK-wide TTN event it would still be a good chance for TTN people to sample the delights and hospitality of Hebden Bridge and would be up for helping wherever.

You can see the results so far here. I’ve put the link at the start of this thread too.

So separate to the UK TTN gathering we are organising a TTN day at Wuthering Bytes on September 4th. Would be great to see people there and please do feed into the day if you can. Will start a Google Doc as to the program and share

Sounds great, I’d certainly like to go to that.

Some of our community went to Hebden Bridge last year @Julianlstar - one described it as the Yorkshire equivalent of SxSW ! Seems like it is a brilliant week for geeks and makers :slight_smile:

Here’s a summary of the results of the survey (full results are here - enjoy!)

29 people replied - thank you! I have no idea what percentage that is of UK TTNers, but I think it is significant.

29 people would attend a UK get together, and 15 would expect to pay. 7 would expect sponsors to pay. The survey doesn’t indicate who the other 7 people think will pay!

We live all over the place - here’s a map - and nearly everyone is willing to travel 2-3 hours to meet up.

Venues - most preferred general idea is a willing town that will let us play with TTN, Some very helpful suggestions:

  • Hebden Bridge - @Julianlstar is ahead of the game and organising a TTN day at the Wuthering Bytes festival in Sept

  • Potential Milton Keynes collaboration - I guess this is tied in with the Smart City initiative there?

  • A cracking place in Germany, not far from Bonn

  • An adventure park in Gloucestershire

  • Edinburgh - either the Uni campus or the Hacklab

  • Bradford University campus

    …What do you think? It seems to me there is enough enthusiasm for a UK-wide gathering. Shall we all support @Julianlstar and meet up in Yorkshire in Sept? Should we organise an additional event either earlier or later in the year?

Wuthering Bytes/OSHCamp is fun. Was there last year. Seem to recall there was a LoRaWAN workshop on the Sunday using the gateway in the middle of town some distance away.


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OK thanks everyone. SXSW of Yorkshire Andrew will be pleased. So the venue is booked put the 4th in your diary. Would be good if we could have a get together on the evening of the 3rd if people are around. Start developing a programme based on the survey. Hopefully it will draw in some other people who are attending too. Once I have an idea of the space we have - at the moment it looks like it is a hall that has a capacity of 100 odd people - I will share a GoogleDoc

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Brilliant - I’ll put the date up on the country page.
Please let us know how people can help @Julianlstar

Great stuff will do.

At the moment I can see the activity reflecting the questionnaire to be honest. Plenty of chance for people to demo stuff, give advice, build stuff and hopefully deploy stuff too. Hebden has a real interesting topography - it is in a fairly deep valley so there’s potential to have fun with that.

So what we have is a two day event. First day - 3rd September - would be a Build and Deploy workshop. I think this could be along the same lines of what @andrewl did last year.

On Monday 4th September there will be a more formal event with a capacity of 60 people.

I have put together a document here Google Doc

So please comment and suggest.

This is an open event and is an opportunity for us to get together and show off some of the stuff that we are doing,

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Also the name of the event hasn’t been decided yet so suggestions.
At the moment we have:

Things North Symposium - This is as it was initially seen as not being the UK-wide event
Things Happening
Things Gathering

“Lora Lora LoRaWAN” is still available! (source: @biglesp)