Shenzen the new Null-Island? Dragino Owners please change the geolocation of your gateways!


i found a happy place full of gateways (all i checked where from Dragino) near Shenzen in China. The new Null-Island?

Looks like some/all (?) Dragino Gateways are shipped with the geolocation (latitude = 22.7, longitude = 114.24 and zero info on altitude) set as default and people forget to change the location. Atm there are over 500 gateways at this location at the ttn community map and over 200 on the ttnmapper. I have my own mapping solution and will now start filtering those gateways out of it, because the biggest enemy of “no data” is “false data”…

Would be cool if you read this and are a owner of a Dragino gateway if you change the location to the real one, thank you very much!