Simple easy to use dashboard recommendations please

I’m building a basic beehive monitoring project using The Things Uno. Anticipate monitoring around two hives collecting data hourly such as temperature, humidity, weight and (eventually) status based on machine learning analysis of captured audio. Maybe a few more but unlikely to get beyond five.

While the amount of data will be minimal, dashboarding to spot trends will be useful. So far I’ve tried a few solutions but either too complex or being deprecated this month:

  • Node-Red: Just too complex
  • Things Board: looked promising but ultimately just too complicated for my application
  • MQTT Dashboard: best description is probably rather confusing
  • my IoT open Tech: instructions on both TTN and their site seem out of date. CONFIGURACIÓN just brings up a details page rather than the ACTIVOS Y DISPOSITIVOS view in the docs…
  • Cayenne: looked perfect, started to refactor my payloads in LPP format only to discover that both TTN and Cayenne’s documentation is out of date and tucked away in a forum is mention that it’s being deprecated later this month!

Ideally, I’m looking for recommendations for a simple to use dashboard that can show historical data / trends. Potentially raise alerts (for example, weight suddenly zero) or even better on trends (weight drops by 2kg compared with the previous day indicating potential swarming). Icing on the cake would be cloud based with free for research / low data count.

I’d be grateful for any recommendations as I feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time I could have spent finalising the hardware (initial version didn’t survive first contact with bees!).

Thanks in advance!


If you have some web space, then FreeBoard works nicely: GitHub - Freeboard/freeboard: A damn-sexy, open source real-time dashboard builder for IOT and other web mashups. A free open-source alternative to Geckoboard.


the essayist is ttn → mqtt → node-red → influxdb → grafana

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It’s all relative.

My FB setup is TTN → Webhook → FB - no setup required, just upload files to a web server.

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Dear @benjamindonnachie I could help you with the my IoT open Tech problem.
Following the doc you should see the “Activos y dispositivos” panel, as in this image:
Please, could you attach an screenshot of the details page you are getting?

Thank you! Now when I follow those steps I get a much more detailed view rather than just the ‘details page’ previously. I will take another look.

Nice @benjamindonnachie
Please, can you let me know which device/node/sensor are you using?

@benjamindonnachie, wondering if you saw my message?

Thanks, I did. To be fair, I think I’ll set up locally and give it a try - thanks again!

I wasn’t offering to host it, I said I had all the parts pieced together!

Was always my go to if I needed something quick and dirty - just worked and even handled many devices where there was no immediately available decoder for insertion on TTN - e.g. the original Semtech/iMST LoRa MOTE/LoRaMOTE II, decoded directly on cayenne vs using decoder in TTN Application - didnt need much by way of documentation as was often a ‘follow your nose’ solution that was quite intuitive. But sadly as you say they announced at start of the month that the community vs commercial version is going EOL in just a few weeks… otherwise I would have dropped onto this thread to recommend when you 1st asked. Note whilst many criticise CLPP as not being the most efficient it just worked and is quite intuitive/straight forward and the format is often supported by other platforms so you may not need to modify any devices if set for CLPP depending on where you settle…

…Personally I will consult the Oracle for finding new home ( paging Nick!!!) @descartes that is ‘easy’ for us non-softies :wink:

Mr Integration is here, see myDevices/Cayenne - End of Life - #2 by descartes

For a very basic data plotting chart I used a time ago Dygraphs. A small PHP script received the data and wrote it to a *.txt file on the server. Dygraphs even doesn’t need any database but is a nice but basic plotting sysem.

Later I switched to InfluxDB and Grafana (no more easy and simple :). In case installation is too complex for you feel free to join a Berlin based beekeeper and maker community. An example of a beekeeping dashbord you may find interesting: Statista: Stockübersicht & Bienenwetter [Testvolk ZK/U] We are using Kotori as DAQ tool and it should be easy to send data voa MQTT or HTML, see MQTT - Kotori DAQ

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