Since the upgrade to 3.11.3 - no longer able to do fuzzy searches for device EUIs

Hi there,

since the minor update to TTNv3, regretfully I can no longer search with a fuzzy search part of a device name. This was really handy when searching through many devices. I didn’t have to click magnifying glass before but even now, that doesn’t make a difference.

2021-03-23 11_17_01-End devices - CCBC - Elsys sensors - The Things Network

Also - on the device page, we have 7 pages of devices.

Pagesof7 The device that I am unable to fuzzy search happens to be on page 7. If click on the page 7 (to just get there) - I get a blank list. If I go through the pages in incrementally - 1, 2 3, etc up to 7 - then I have a fully populated seventh page with devices on it.

The search function doesn’t work at all for me, even if I type in a full string which exactly matches one of the device names.

Does it work for any/everyone else?

I’ve just tried this now as there have been some updates to the backend system and this is now working for me. :+1:

Me too, saved me loads of time already now that it’s working! :ok_hand: