Single channel gateway on RPi on Private network

I am trying to connect single channel gateway on ttn but after few minutes I came across Single Channel Packet Forwarders are deprecated and NOT Supported [guidelines] this post which saved my time. Is it means that ttn removed support for single channel gateways…?
Now my question is suppose I deploy LoRaWAN stack v3 (private network) then can use single channel gateway (for testing only). My region is IN965-967.
Anyone can help me in this regards

They have not removed support for Single Channel gateways … yet

They will still work, but since they are disruptive to other compliant nodes you might understand why the TTN forum is reluctant to provide help on setting them up.

Thanks for reply. But I try to connect gateway, but on console it showing “NOT CONNECTED”.
I am using GitHub - tftelkamp/single_chan_pkt_fwd: Single Channel LoRaWAN Gateway this gateway code from github by configuring some required parameters like freq.,server IP. But it not working for me.
Can you correct me…?

Single channel packet forwarders are discouraged and are no longer supported on the forum. Sorry.