Single or Dual Channel Forwarder

I’ve got two gateways. LG01 and OLG01 and want to connect 2 ESP32 (Heltec LoRa 32v2)
One is already working, but the second one doesnt connect to one of the Gateways. :neutral_face:
I heard i have to limit the transmissions to one channel and one spreading factor.
How can i modify my code?
I use the code for the paxcounter from cyberman54 (Github) in Visual Studio Code with the Platformio Extension.

Grab a multi-channel Gateway if you can. Single channel cause a lot of issues, and not LoRaWAN compatible.

In the introductions is written the OLG01 (outdoor) Gateway is a dual channel gateway.
And I only want to connect 2 devices. So this shouldn’t be a problem.
So image I want to try it with the hardware I already got, is it even possible to do this?


The number of channels is not related to the number of devices you can connect. A proper LoRaWAN device will use 8 channels (in TTN), so a proper gateway needs to support that too.

Single or Dual Channel Forwarders are not LoRaWAN gateways, and are not supported on TTN nor on this forum, and should not be connected to TTN. Try to get a refund from your reseller and get a true gateway.

why then explain in the instructions how to connect to TTN and set up the gateway.
that’s what confuses me

Yeah, too bad manufacturers/suppliers promote this hardware as being suitable for TTN. It’s not. Unfortunately, you’ll need to complain at your supplier about that.

well, thats sad to hear.
Do you understand why one of the ESP32 is connected and is working fine, but the other doesn’t?

Like explained in a response to your post in another topic (which you conveniently flagged as off-topic?!), we’re no longer supporting questions about how to make that work.

(I’m unlisting/hiding this very topic as well.)

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