Small projects for Smart City

What initial ideas for applying Smart City in a city that does not use Lorawan?

Either use LoRaWAN (with TTN) or look for another forum as this is the TTN forum and TTN uses LoRaWAN.

Deploying LoRaWAN is a matter of installing gateways, not hard to do by itself. Finding sites to host gateways can be a challenge.

Shirt and tie, jacket, trousers with creases, black socks, polished shoes, maybe a hat.

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Pocket square?

The initiative measures airborne particulate matter concentrations (“fine dust”) around the homes of citizens. It uses WiFi, usually the home WiFi of the participants. Using WiFi requires no LoRaWAN, and the hardware can be very cheap. Stuff that is underway, is measurement of environmental noise (audio) levels.

As this topic is not TTN related I am closing it.

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