Snap package for Raspberry Pi gateways

(Cimm) #1

Did anyone already work on a snap version for the Raspberry Pi gateways?

Snaps are containerised software packages that are simple to install. They update automatically and can be linked to a Github repository. A code change in the repository would trigger a snap build which would automatically be updated on all the gateways using the snap. This could be an easyier way to install the different pieces on homegrown Rapsberry Pi-style gateways and require no maintenance once installed.

Now link this with Ubuntu Core (the same snap idea but on OS level) and you have a fully automatically updating and secure (no writeable filesystem) gateway!


(Ryan Walmsley) #2

I created one for the Nano Pi Duo when I was developing a backplane using it. However there wasn’t much advantage and was a bit fussy on compiling.

At the same time I’m now developing a backplane for the RPi of which I considered a snap packge however a majority of Raspberry Pi users use Raspbian, it was tempting but at the same time I suspect many RPi based gateway users are using Zeros or older models of Pis which can’t run Ubuntu Core.

I suspect it wouldn’t be too hard for me to re-compile my snap package for a Raspberry Pi though so might give it a try in the future.

(Cimm) #3

Nice! Would you mind sharing your snapcraft.yaml? I might take a poke at it…

(Ryan Walmsley) #4

You can find them at , one should be the newer mp packet forwareder and the other the legacy. However I can’t remember what state I left them in so one might work, both might not, not sure.