Sodaq One - cannot register on TTN


Hello all,

I have just set-up a single channel GW on my RPi3 and trying to connect Sodaq One with tracking software to TTN . However, Lora initialisation fails:

Initializing LoRa...
[expectString] expecting RN.(RN2483 1.0.1 Dec 15 2015 09:38:09) found a match!
The device type is RN2483
[setMacParam] deveui = [array][expectString] expecting ok.(ok) found a match!
[setMacParam] appeui = [array][expectString] expecting ok.(ok) found a match!
[setMacParam] appkey = [array][expectString] expecting ok.(ok) found a match!
[setMacParam] adr = on
[expectString] expecting ok.(ok) found a match!
[expectString] expecting ok.(ok) found a match!
[expectString] expecting accepted.......(denied)LoRa init failed!

I did follow the guide on

However, I cannot connect to TTN.

I can see my router online at
B827EBFFFF0247FA active N/A now

I have otaa=1

Your help is appreciated


Same issue here :frowning:



SODAQ One (with latest SodaqOne Universal Tracker v3 from github)

GPS (OFF=0 / ON=1) (gps=): 1
Fix Interval (min) (fi=): 15
Alt. Fix Interval (min) (afi=): 0
Alt. Fix From (HH) (affh=): 0
Alt. Fix From (MM) (affm=): 0
Alt. Fix To (HH) (afth=): 0
Alt. Fix To (MM) (aftm=): 0
GPS Fix Timeout (sec) (gft=): 120
Minimum sat count (sat=): 4
OTAA Mode (OFF=0 / ON=1) (otaa=): 1
Retry conn. (OFF=0 / ON=1) (retry=): 0
ADR (OFF=0 / ON=1) (adr=): 1
ACK (OFF=0 / ON=1) (ack=): 0
Spreading Factor (sf=): 7
Output Index (pwr=): 1
DevAddr / DevEUI (dev=): 0004A30B001A7DBB
AppSKey / AppEUI (app=): 70XXXXXXXXXXXX04
Num Coords to Upload (num=): 1
Repeat Count (rep=): 0
Status LED (OFF=0 / ON=1) (led=): 1
Debug (OFF=0 / ON=1) (dbg=): 1


LORANK8 with latest forwarder (Opensource poly_pkt_fwd)

Symptom on the SODAQ One Console Log:
Initializing LoRa...
LoRa init failed!

On the Gateway, I see packets arriving, but all with CRC errors:

"1DEE16A20C7E5ADD","","2016-11-16 05:22:29.006Z", 57860299, 868300000,1, 1,"CRC_BAD",147,"LORA",125000,"SF7" ,"4/5",-115,-12.8,"29DB1FF1-AB799053-968FE17F-70F3E1E5-E6B41E53-D970A252-D9A1651A-EA2475BE-168B2F40-68B77022-7AF355A5-7CD19494-00A87F85-7114247B-A293BF9F-236F28DB-3DD0BA66-E788BDCA-A79366E5-2376F8B5-977940F9-D7F23FC4-816F8378-29804EC4-4B7381AE-DA7ED341-503FE74E-57003F69-F017D3CA-7524ED4A-AAA74426-E4017C1A-D72AD972-C688A35F-D2078FFA-E7EB32F5-3CC8F4"

"1DEE16A20C7E5ADD","","2016-11-16 05:23:16.810Z", 105665747, 868300000,1, 1,"CRC_BAD", 70,"LORA",125000,"SF7" ,"1/2",-112,-11.8,"EDF2EA04-80FCB013-2F453E9B-7F4483FB-01C85FA1-991184F6-84045F66-0B9FA038-91A9016E-4C8E9618-35F89722-429687B2-C0D59F24-5B7A8F04-91A27192-4BD6C838-07BF5E68-01E8"

"1DEE16A20C7E5ADD","","2016-11-16 05:24:31.874Z", 180730097, 868300000,1, 8,"CRC_BAD",119,"LORA",250000,"SF7" ,"2/3",-109,-11.8,"D583AAA7-40ED020C-467D6556-B56D1D11-BDD0585B-45D2AD0A-8BA39480-A44904CF-386FE2B9-DC649DA1-E3496B94-D6CC92F2-51340C74-33068FBC-00526A50-BBDBF727-55128BFB-FB970CB7-2A03D2FB-081D6512-B1966AC7-F34BD3D4-7EDAB763-B6D29D54-497D4E6A-6741CB50-1AC0CB9D-98E2E56C-E949EE25-38FDEE"

"1DEE16A20C7E5ADD","","2016-11-16 05:28:14.027Z", 402883283, 867100000,0, 3,"CRC_BAD", 26,"LORA",125000,"SF7" ,"4/5",-117,-12.2,"E610DF1C-1C19F10D-8B006724-51CAEA7C-63633326-D1939B0A-8421"

"1DEE16A20C7E5ADD","","2016-11-16 05:29:42.413Z", 491269209, 868300000,1, 8,"CRC_BAD",188,"LORA",250000,"SF7" ,"" ,-108,-11.8,"EEE52D3A-49312384-111E3FF6-7DBBABBE-82994212-2EB489BF-92159050-9A9BF843-A25918F5-C75A1429-4E94B7A4-D4206654-462654FF-7506E487-BA414A7F-783527F9-130EFFD3-3624D5DC-41B11DAF-B530B9F6-F5348920-0570D059-41D6D470-6B118061-3E6A6291-741D1AF8-D3EBB0C9-1CE91DBD-A787C470-3C7592F4-C1D0DA05-DC04A149-9675A56E-941B2891-93175793-11F1FE53-7565CD83-AAD4941C-7AF9A789-52C4DE3B-1F68B565-97D21869-E0AC02E5-02B12A36-5A16FC80-A90BA6B2-F780ED45"

Any help highly appreciated!


Issue resolved here!

The mote (SODAQ One) is equipped with the US RF Chip RN2903.
Broadcast on 915 MHz is seen by my LORANK8 EU configuration according to the log.
But due to this mismatch, it cannot be received correctly :unamused:

Strangely, reconfiguring the LORANK8 to work with US frequencies does not resolve the problem either ... :scream:


Issue NOT solved :frowning:

Now using a SODAQ One Version 2 with correct RN2483 (FW 1.0.1) I still gett CRC_BAD errors on the LORANK8.
It seems to work with short (few bytes) messages, there I see CRC_OK. Larger transmissions generate CRC_BAD.
So OTAA does not work either :scream:


I never managed to get Sodaq ONE working on a single channel GW.
Had to get a proper GW and all works now.

(Ein Soldiat Gott) #6

Hi, what do you mean with GW? Gateway? SO you had to change your gateway? which one did you manage to connect with the sodaq’s?

I’m using a multicomp with no success :/.


(Jac Kersing) #7

Gateways and nodes do not connect. A node connects to the network, that would be TTN.
Is your gateway set up to be part of the TTN network? If so, do you see traffic in the console for that gateway?


Excellent guess - yes GW means gateway.
I did not have to change gateway, I never managed to get Sodaq ONE to work with TTN via a single channel gateway. I have a TTN gateway now and Sodaq ONE works fine