Soil moisture, temperature depth and setup


Just a quick question regarding the LSE01 model. I am wondering whether it would be ok to bury the entire unit underground. The docs mention “probe” but I would be hoping to place the whole unit out of site. Aware this will attenuate the signal somewhat but it would be over an area less than 500m.


My best guess: it could work if you make sure no soil is touching the antenna. Ideally you would leave the near field empty in order to not detune the antenna. That would mean somehow creating an empty space of about 15cm around the antenna. (Including the tip)

Please let us know the results if you try it. It would be interesting to know the difference in RSSI and SNR if you place the node above ground and once it is below ground at the same location.

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Will do. Hoping to report back by end of week

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