[SOLVED] AWS MQTT client not picking up messages from node

I can see the MQTT messages fine when using mosquitto. I don’t understand why the messages aren’t showing up in AWS MQTT client.

May-be supply a little more information? What did you configure where?

Sorry. I am fairly new to this but I have my Things Uno sending payloads to my gateway successfully. In ttn console I can see my messages are coming through.

I followed the ttn youtube video on aws integration, but when I go to the “test” section on aws it’s not picking up any MQTT messages.

I wanted to find out if the node was sending any mqtt messages so I installed mosquitto and tried to subscribe to catch any messages which worked. So my MQTT messages are being caught by mosquitto but not by aws MQTT client.

It’s working after I tried both updating and rebuilding my Elastic Beanstalk environment. I receive MQTT messages through AWS MQTT client now. :smiley:

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