[solved]How can we manually enter the Dev_EUI and Application EUI

Hallo Everyone. I am going to start project based on Lora Communication. I am using Atmel SAMR34 as the device. The example project given in the website form microchip and TTN network, shows how to connect the device by adding the Device and Application EUI in the headerfile conf_app.h.
Anybody has an idea , how we can manually enter the device EUI and the application EUI?
if yes, kindly please share !
it would be a great help.


:thinking: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/devices/registration.html


@BoRRoZ: I have used an emulator ,how can we enter the Device euI and Application EUI in TeraTerm

register the device first @ TTN and enter the given keys in the header file.
TeraTerm is not an ‘emulator’ imho, but terminal application, not specific for this system

@BoRRoZ: I did the same way, Is there any possibility to manually enter the DeviEUI and AppEUI as given in the pdf data from Microchip30010200A - SAM R34 Xplained Pro Evaluation Kit Quick Start.pdf (388.0 KB)

I don’t know, there are more documents online then the one you’ve mentioned


’ … each purchase of an ATECC608A-MAHTN-T device comes with one year of managed LoRaWAN join server service through The Things Industries. Once a device identifies itself to join a LoRaWAN network, the network contacts The Things Industries join server to verify that the identity comes from a trusted device and not a fraudulent one.

Hello everyone, I finally found the code , Its given in the example projects for SAMR34: Serial Provisioning with Lora. Thankyou all for the Suggestions.,


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