(Solved) Issue with Sodaq Autonomo/RN2483 ABP

Hi everyone,

I am using a Sodaq Autonomo with the attached RN2483 and I have the following problem:
After I register the device (ABP) through staging.thethingsnetwork, Packet transmissions works great. I see the messages on the website and also receive them through mqtt.

But after the third time or so I power the device, packets don’t get through ttn. I also have a Gateway (LinkLabs RPI Hat) here and the log says there are some forwarded packets but as I said, none of the packets come through.

If I then register a new device through ABP and transfer the Ids and Keys to the autonomo packets come trough until I unpower the device and repower it.

I am willing to give more details of both the node and the gateway to solve my problem.


Your node is sending outdated frame counters. See https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/wiki/LoRaWAN/Security and:

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Aaah :smiley: Thank you very much! Seems like a rookies error! Should’ve read the docs before jumping into the cold water