[solved] Kerlink IoT station id and key configuration TTN console

Hello everyone,
I followed this instruction to set up a fresh Kerlink IoT station (FW: 2.3.3) https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/gateways/kerlink/

After some troubles wit my SIM card, I managed to bring it online and I’m able to ping and i see traffic in a tcpdump on interface ppp0.

But the gateway does not appear on the map of TTN.

Also I don’t know how to link the gatway in the TTN console, because the files config.yml or pktfwd.yml according to the doc are not there. How do I have to configure the id and key of my gateway?

Honestly I think the TTN docs on how to setup a Kerlink isn’t the best method. I tried multiple ways, and so far the most stable setup is using the standard Kerlink packet forwarder, configured with the correct router address and ports. The standard setup has “autoquit_threshold” enabled which makes sure the packet forwarder keeps on running. The setup from the TTN docs does not do this, so it sometimes stops working.

How would I have to deinstall the TTN packet forwarder and install the Kerlink standard?
Is there a step by step tutorial?

If you have access to the Kerlink wiki there are tutorials to do it. I unfortunately do not have a Kerlink gateway in my possession at the moment, and neither access to the wiki. Perhaps someone with access can repost the reset procedure and the default configuration steps for us. Then we can update the TTN docs from there.

I added the gateway by EUI in Legacy mode in the TTN concolse, then it appeared as connected.
So far connection seems to be stable with the TTN poly packet forwarder.

Thanks for your hint anyway. Maybe I try the Kerlink way next time…

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Hello, i want to buy this kerlink iot station also, can you give me a review how difficult to configure to ttn and how far this gateway can comunicate with node?

I basically followed the instruction in the docs (Link see above), they are step by step, even if you don’t know he linux shell too well.
When you have to troubleshoot it helps a lot, if you know some linux commands to view the logs.

Yet the gateway is not in the field, so I can’t tell how far the range is in my use case, but hope it’s approx. 2km radius. This depends much on where you install it.

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