[solved] Mqtt does not work?

Hi guys,

trying to connect flespi.com to thethingsnetwork via mqtt. Did not work. So i startet to use some mqtt clients to connect to thethingsnetwork to find out what could be the reason.
last tool i tested is the “mqtt explorer” for OSX (see screenshot).
I used the appid (hilltronic2) as username and the access key! (starting with ttn-account-v2) but it always fails to connect or connection is refused
Any idea what i am doing wrong?
I thought mqtt is that simple standard protocol :-))

Thanks for help

just tried with MQTT fx on PC, it worked like a charm,
here is my settings:

same as you:
user name is appid and password access key

yeah thanks for the tip, i got it working now…

So mqtt works fine if you use the right software,. My OSX stuff did not like to connect at all…