[solved] Oops @ the forum

(Remko) #1

Just to let you know: While logging in this happens multiple times:


(Jeff Uk) #2

I found it an intermittent problem over last 20-24hrs or so - 7/10 times a minutes wait then refresh page seemed to clear…10 min wait 100% recovery…

Its happened twice for me already this morning…once on this topic! :wink:

@laurens @htdvisser @rish1

Update: Even posting this message got “Internal Server Error”! …retrying…

(Arjan) #3

Submitting new posts has worked for me so far (but not right now), and editing failed all the time. This was already posted in Slack yesterday (and some forum update was done yesterday), so I guess the team is on to it.

(Remko) #4

Just confirmed on Slack


and we’re back :sunglasses:

thanks Batman :ok_hand:

*update friday 25 jan 10.40 :no_mouth: