[solved] Payload not shown in Node-RED debug frame

When sending from my TTN node (value 4054) the TTN Console shows the application data as usual, please see the attachment. I use a payload format which is also shown in the attachment. So far so good.

In Node-RED I use the ‘ttn event’ node where I have set the #-sign in the Event field. The node shows the connected indicator. This node is connected to an ‘edit debug’ node where the output is set to ‘complete msg object’.

But there is no output shown in the Node-RED debug window and I really do not know what I am doing wrong. Can someone assist me to solve this?

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Hi BoRRoZ. I did allready what is written on Hackster.io and the TTN node in NodeRED shows “connected” so I think this part is okay. In the TTN console everything looks okay, data is received from the node and the payload also looks okay.

Strange but true: after a reboot of my RPi with MQTT/NodeRED is works!

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