[solved] TTIG - Frequent Green Blinking

Once in a while I observer that TTIG, which normally has solid green light, starts rapidly blinking green light (I did not measure for how long) and eventually goes back to solid green.

The doc says:
GREEN/RED Alternate Blinking (freq 1/4 sec) CONF Scanning WiFi networks, setting up Config AP

So what is it doing? and why?

that was easy to find


…as I did as well, although the alternative documentation is different…

My question remain the same though - what is the meaning of:
GREEN blinking 1/4 sec - WIFI STA connected, establishing connection to LNS (why, how come it disconnected if it was connected before? “configuring radio” ? again?

Anyway, I’d like to know why it is doing what it is doing? and as the result of what? isn’t it supposed to stay solid green at all times?

Please read the messages in the big TTIG topic. The answer is in there.
In general searching the forum can provide a lot of answers as many questions have been asked (and answered) before. And that allows us to spend our time answering new questions in stead of having to point people to existing answers…