[solved]ttn.showStatus() returns empty values

(Pasci94) #1

Hi everybody,

I have a little problem. I followed this tutorial: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/devices/uno/quick-start.html to get the device address of my Feather32u4. But the function ttn.showStatus(); returns only empty values.


Does anybody have an idea what the problem could be? I would be very thankful.

Best wishes


yes, you are using a code example for the TNN uno. but you seems to use a Feather32U4…

(Pasci94) #3

Ahh okay, yes this is true. I’m using a Feather32u. Do you know which changes I need to make or where I can find informations?


use search ?


(Datahive) #5

I have the same problem but with The Things Uno. I’m using stock DeviceInfo code from examples ( changed frequPlan)


what OS do you use
what arduino IDE version
are the TTN libs installed
did you select arduino leonardo
did you then select a port (different then 1)
could you upload the sketch without a problem

ok now reset uno (press button on board)
see if port changed and select that port
open serial monitor

(Datahive) #7

OS: Windows 7
IDE: Arduino 1.8.8
TNN libs installed: Yes
Arduino Leonardo selected: Yes
Current port COM17

The reset button trick worked. Port didn’t change but next time I tried to upload I got a notice that I should press the reset button again “during an upload” … that did it.