Some confusion around Azure IoT Hub integration and device creation

I’m trying to use the Azure IoT integration, but I’m slightly confused about what the intended workflow for creating devices is.

The “managing devices” page says that devices created in Azure should sync to TTS:

The Azure IoT Hub integration for The Things Stack synchronizes the device registry: you can create devices in Azure IoT Hub which trigger an Azure Function that creates the device in The Things Stack.

It also mentions it should work the other way around:

Devices that you create in The Things Stack are automatically created as Azure IoT Hub devices as soon as they activate or send their first uplink message.

However, I’ve tried to create a device in Azure, add the requred tags object with LoRaWAN keys/ids and saved it.

No device appeared in The Things Network console. The “Live Data” tab shows an error that says “Fail to process upstream message”.

Do I need to create the device both in Azure and in TTN for the device twin to work?

edit: nevermind, I forgot the Azure IoT Hub hostname and access key in the config.