Someone else registered my TTIG

I bought a TTIG from Adafruit, and I’m trying to get it up and running. I’ve plugged it in, and configured it, and it is indeed passing packets to the network. However, the registered gateway wasn’t showing as on line, no showing any of the data passed.

I went back and looked at the config, and realized that I entered the EUI incorrectly, using FF FF as the filler bytes instead of FF FE. When I went to register with the correct EUI, I get a message that it has already been registered.

What’s my next step?

I have asked what the best method is to ‘re register’ a TTIG

Is the issue that I need to re-register it, or that I need whomever incorrectly registered it to give it up?

Is there a way to get the registration details of gateway given its EUI?

More information. I noticed, after successfully setting up a second gateway, a difference from my first (the failure). When I go in to configure the second, the only existing network is MH_CONFIG. On the one that doesn’t work, I also have “adafruitIO”. I’m wondering if this unit was a return, or something used for testing, etc.