Specify port for HTTP Integration

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have a question regarding the setup of the “HTTP Integration” option in the integration of a device.

We want to send the data to a server that listens on the HTTP Port 80 and unfortunatly on the HTTPS port 444 and not 443.

Sending the data via HTTP with an URL like “http://mydomain.com/ttntest” is no problem and works.
Unfortunatly we cannot send the data via HTTPS with an URL like “https://mydomain.com:444/ttntest”.

Is my assumption correct that you cannot specify a port in the URL and you can only use the basic port 80 and 443 for http and https or is there any other reason for this problem ?

We also tested our server on port 444 with other tools and it works without a problem.

If you cannot specify the port in the URL is there any other way to do this besides reconfiguring our server to port 443 ?

Thanks in advance!
Best regards

I’d guess that a port number should work, but I’m not sure. Do you use a proper server certificate, which TTN can validate? (Not some self-signed thingy, and including a proper path to its intermediates and root.) How do you know the URL is not being invoked? Does explicitly adding port 80 in the URL for HTTP work? If yes, does adding 443 work for third parties such as https://rbaskets.in?