Stable The Things Uno Power Supply


I’m using The Things Uno + SDS011 dust sensor.
If I’m connecting it to my notebook usingUSB and power it this way, it works as expected.
If I power it using usb adapter, it seems somehow to freeze and not work correctly.
Tried more than 5 different usb adapter. What is a reliable and stable recommended usb adapter or other power source for The Things Uno?


I suggest an official RPI adapter (2A guaranteed) :


and about batterypacks for mobile use :


backup battery packs have a lot of storage capacity but they handle peakcurrents very bad… dropping the output voltage fast and sometimes it gets to low to transmit and/or boot a system.
so when buying don’t only look at ’ total capacity 10000 mA , but at ’ how much can this battery really deliver per hour.

Check your sketch does not require USB serial to work because that won’t work with an USB power adapter.

The sketch has only debug serial, using:

#define debugSerial Serial


void setup() {

    while (!debugSerial && millis() < 10000);

    // fine dust

Full code at

I assume the following is okay then?

This will wait for the availability of the serial port for at most 10 seconds after the reboot, and continue even if the debugSerial is not connected then. Of course, this adds an unneeded delay when not using debugging, but the node should continue its setup code after 10 seconds after a reboot, when connected to an USB power adapter?

On the mobile power comment:

I’ve been working recently with Voltaic Systems. (You can google them.) They have a line of battery packs designed for IoT devices that don’t act too ‘smart’ for low current devices and shut off. They can be charged by either USB or a 6V solar panel if that is of interest.

They’re nice folks!