Stack V3 Web Console

Hi All,

I managed to install the stack V3 with docker on a public server.

If I understand correctly we can also install the web console, but I don’t understand how to do it … some one can help me?


wow! what little interest in the new stack, am I the only one trying it?

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Its been so long coming, I’m waiting for V4 :sleepy:

Guess we have to be patient! Only a small team but possibly distracted by issues like TTIG & TTOG S/w development and innovations like PacketBroker (to be supported at some point in V3?) The LIBRARY basement part 10

The development on the v3 stack seems to be fully active. I just checked the latest commits at and, for example, yesterday there was a lot of activity on the web console part. Looks like it’s fully alive and well. I don’t think the TTIG and TTOG are a distraction for that part of the team.

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