Starting two communities in the same town

Can we start two (or more) communities in the same town?

If you dislike each other that much, perhaps :wink:

But note that you’ll still be sharing the same radio spectrum, and assuming you are both intending to work with TTN your nodes will even end up reporting through each other’s gateways as often as not(!)

Note that a “community” is more about coming together as people to cooperate and help each other and promote efforts to get infrastructure and projects working, it does not (at least in most cases) have much to do with the actual technical functioning of the network, which is just the union of all of the gateways and nodes set up, regardless if the people who set them up are working together or not.

There’s not really any “community affiliation” field anywhere in the technical system. So it’s a question of people not of the actual function or interaction of the network devices.


There is a community in my city (I’m not going to mention the city). It has only one gateway. It seems that they are not doing anything for the community.

So get a gateway.

And maybe go to their meetings. Or try to contact them.

Or meet up with your friends and work on stuff.

Doing useful things count for as much as being an official community.

But if there’s a defunct or abandoned community and another one wants to start there might be some path to recognition.

Just don’t fall into mistaking “the community” for your ability to build community and get systems on the air.

I want to say different communities have different objectives. As an example, some communities work for improving agriculture with LoRaWAN, some communities find solutions for smart cities, etc.

No one is stopping you from being a community of people who build, use, and promote TTN.

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Hi @laurens @BoRRoZ Could you please help me?

It is common and preferable to have a single formal TTN community as @cslorabox already tried to explain.
But in practice this may be less or not feasible for varying reasons.

As you do not want to reveal your city (for reasons) your community situation appears not suited for a public discussion on the forum.
If you want to start a formal TTN Community then I suggest you contact @laurens directly (e.g. via pm) and not discuss this on the forum.

Exactly. You do not need to have or be part of a formal TTN community to be able to use (and promote) TTN.

Fyi, BoRRoZ is not active on the forum lately.

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Thanks @bluejedi for the explanation.

Often someone sets up a community in an initial wave of enthusiasm…then when after a time no one or few join it it can wither and go stale…follow the advice from the others above and get active - it may re-awaken others interests and activities. Use the message option on the forum/community map to reach out to the other latent members and let them know you what to help re-envigorate the community, what you are doing/interested in and whether committing a new GW or not (and where/why?). Also, the fact that some within a community may have different focus (agri biz, smart city, personal well being, transport & logistic, enviro monitoring or what ever) doesnt affect overall community benefit of establishing efforts within a general commmuinity effort - underlying problems, issues and potential solutions are often common and best shared - the TTN Forum is a global example of this!. Also having two (or more) communities in same area splits efforts and resources and limits exchange and learning (exception is typically where say a town or city has a community and the region (say a County in case of UK) has a bigger co-ordinating roll under another ‘community’ tag or even a group of Counties or regions - e.g. in UK there is a super set under TTN North!

I have seen instances where people didnt realise an existing close by community was also set u to cover their town/village (the radius of community isnt shown on the gateway or community map - maybe a case for an ability to toggle nominal coverage on/off in user interface :thinking: ) And went ahead and requested registration of a new community. Also communities often start small and later grow and expand as more people join especially around the edges - often being renamed to reflect wider community area role.

Basically if you work under ‘one roof’ so to speak you can get to ‘TTN Official’ status faster as you need to hit a number of key metrics not least being # of GW’s but also the number of members of a community - better 1 official community with 8 people than 3 small 1/2/3 person localities me thinks :slight_smile:

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