Still confused on MSB, LSB

I’ve created a simple single channel Gateway using an RPI with a Dragino LoRa/GPS hat at 915MHz. The TTN shows the Gateway connected. Sometimes traffic is displayed, but nothing from my local nodes 5 feet away. Nothing from my devices. Both nodes appear to be transmitting.(Serial Port msgs). One is an ESP8266 with an attached RF96 module and the other is an Arduino UNO with a Dragino LoRa shield. I don’t see either one’s data at the gateway. I’m confused about the proper way to configure the NWKSKEY, APPSKEY and DEVADDR values in my nodes. I’m using the latest Arduino_LMIC library in both nodes. Right now, all three values are entered MSB first. Problem is, everything on the web is 868MHz so I’m not sure if everything is setup correctly. Any tips would be appreciated.
Dan Powell

No longer confused.
The NWKSKEY, APPSKEY and DEVADDR values should be entered MSB first.
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