STM32 lora module suggestions

Hi everyone, I want to make a 3 end node and one gateway.

I want to use ESP32 as gateway and program it from Arduino IDE. I watched a lot of video about lora with arduino but there is not much with stm32. I want to learn stm32 with C code so I want to make my end nodes with stm32 devices. I have stm32f4 discovery board, stm32f103c8t6 end STM32F401CCU6. I don’t have experience on stm32 but I watched udemy course. I want to program them with C language on cubemx or atollic or keil.
What I want to ask is, which lora modules can I use with stm32. I couldn’t find library, I found this
on stm32 website " The I-CUBE-LRWAN Expansion Package supports SX1276MB1MAS, SX1276MB1LAS, SX1272MB2DAS, and the new generation sx126x mounted on SX1262DVK1DAS, SX1262DVK1CAS, and SX1262DVK1BAS."

I want to use 433 mhz band, is there a lora module that have library and I can use it with my stm32 boards ?

Which 8 channel LoRaWAN COncentrator module are you thinking of using to go with that - a LoRaWAN Gateway cannot be built with an ESP32 alone…or are you looking to do a LoRa only point to multi-point system? That would be outside the scope of this forum which is for TTN/TTI users and LoRaWAN based implementations only. Note 433Mhz is little supported within TTN with most deployments on 868/915/923Mhz bands

Can’t I use ESP32 single channel gateway ? Gateway takes the datas from end notes then it will send through to the network. Is this mean point to multi-point system ? I am sorry I don’t know the terms very well.

No, definetly not.

STOP! do not pass go do not collect £$€200…as a LoRa/LoRaWAN newbie recommend you read the available documentation, watch the videos and conduct extensive search on the forum (top right), you will then find plenty of responses related to your question and perhaps many alternate suggestions for boards suited to LoRaWAN development using your prefered Arduino development environment. The Semtech boards you call out are all fine quality products that can be adpated to your use but perhaps think of them more for an mBed related development activity. When selecting your supporting processor it should be bourne in mind there wil be minimum resource requirements to support the size of the LoRaWAN stack etc…if not using LoRaWAN and only want LoRa then as above…wrong forum! :wink: Search will also reveal many SIPS’s and modules now available with both the LoRa Radio and suitable STM32 based processor integrated on board/on chip…perhaps start your journey from there…

For clarity:

  • There are no single channel gateways for LoRaWAN which requires at least 8 channels.

  • You can certainly have four devices, one of which listens out for messages from the other three, which is called point to point or P2P, but that is not LoRaWAN and this forum is for LoRaWAN on TTI systems, so is off-topic.

You should address your queries elsewhere - the Arduino forum has discussion on such things I believe.

If you want to know more about LoRaWAN, please review the Learning materials linked at the top of these pages. And then feel free to come back to ask questions about LoRaWAN, but for now, closing.