STM32WL and the NUCLEO-WL55JC1

Does anyone know when we will see the NUCLEO-WL55JC1 dev kit? I don’t see it on any distributor yet and this was announced January 7, 2020.

Really looking forward to getting started with the STM32WL chip.

STM commented on the matter. Looks like the STM32WL wont be available till the end of the year. Bummer.

That’s a real shame. I was looking to use this chip in my new IoT design :frowning: Have to stick with the Murata module for now then.

Is there any information on availability of pre-certified modules using the STM32WL? Is anyone providing engineering samples?

Not to my knowledge. I would also be interested in a pre-certified module.
A. Not have to deal with the TX/RX mux design and FCC.
B. The tiny BGA chip is going to be a PITA to route. Wish they would offer a 7x7 QFN option.

I do see that digikey has added the chips to the website but no stock yet. Dunno why ST is dragging so much on what is supposed to be the first LoRa ASIC.

How does this differ from the Microchip SAM R34 which is MCU + radio - sadly on the BGA - a PITA to route indeed!

The SAM R34/R35 is a System-in-Package while the STM32WL is a System-on-Chip. No much of a difference for the users of these solution except marginal power savings. Semantics really.

Personally, my company is planning way ahead to use Lacuna Space network which is going to require SX1261/2 and unfortunately ATMEL decided to use the older SX1276 so the R34 is out. Also the Atmel module ( RN2903 ) is kind of a big module.

There was a hint on the seeedstudio website …

I think they are working on something but beyond a photo of a bare pcb, it is vapourware.