STM32WL Hardware

In the STM32WL series MCU, there is an inbuilt DC-DC is available or not?

It’s not clear what you want it for or how you want to use it so it’s a bit hard to answer.

The data sheet makes many references to LDO & SMPS modules & settings - that would be the best place to look for the details.

I’m using STM32L152VB MCU, in that i am using 3.6V battery for power supply. I am giving 2.5V to STM32L152VB. For that I am using external DC-DC cjip (TPS62740).

Now for STM32WL controller there is need of external DC-DC chip?

I think you need to look at the power requirements on the data sheet on the ST website - that will be the official source.

ok thank you